Do you ever feel like your campaign is stuck in a rut?

Are you struggling to reach your audience in a meaningful, impactful way?

Does your advertising need a nudge to explode in to the mass market?

Welcome to Tipping Point


Tipping Point is a promotion agency designed to take a marketing campaign to the next level. We are at the forefront of a new marketing epidemic, helping brands and campaigns take off. The point where a campaign hits critical mass and cascades results, THAT’S THE TIPPING POINT.

Inspired by the concept put forward by Malcom Gladwell in his book ‘The Tipping Point’ our agency is built on the notion that small things can make a big difference. We believe that attention to detail, competitively high standards, and a willingness to go beyond what our competition are prepared to do, makes us the only choice for a brand looking to go to the next level in terms of exposure and customer share. To simply say we’re New York’s fastest growing and most innovative promotional events agency.


Tipping Point is a start-up promotion agency based in Manhattan, New York. We believe in pushing our clients’ campaigns to the next level in terms of the only metrics that actually matter; brand exposure, the footprint of market share and, most importantly, driving revenue.

When we are hired by a client, we create an offline promotions campaign that speaks to their online and indirect ad campaigns. Our goal is to compliment your brand, while driving into a new stratosphere of results.

Our proven strategies of reaching target audiences have allowed us to deliver 1000% increase in growth over our first 12 months while offering clients the chance to reach un-tapped audiences and introduce their brand in an engaging and interactive way.